Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flying Kites


Today Uyaana, Trish, Cooper and Ben went out behind town to fly kites.

Trish and her family just moved to Kotzebue about 6 weeks ago and this was the first time she had been up on the hill.

It was a bit too windy to be flying cheap kites. I'm thinking about ordering a couple good ones.

One of them ripped and one wouldn't fly at all.

Uyaana's kite held together but it didn't want to go very high even if you gave it more string. Too much wind.

After a while the boys got tired of kites and wandered off to play. Uyaana had a grea time being tundra tour guide for Cooper and Ben.



Rocksee said...

He does look like a little tour guide showing them the way! Aww that's the best!

Trish said...

Yay for flying kites!

Thanks, that was fun, and Uyaana plays the role of tour guide very well!

Tracy said...

O.k. I have to I've been wondering about your sons name. I've seen 2 in your blog and I was wondering if they are the same, just in English and Inupiaq or if they're 2 different names entirely?

Cathy said...

Noah is his first name and Uyaana is his Inupiaq name. It is his second middle name. Most people around here call him Uyaana.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know it's warming up there, but it still looks SOOOOO cold. Flying kites has always been done on the beach, for me - not on the frozen tundra! Looks like fun, tho.


Tracy said...

Thanks! I was thinking it might be that too. The kite flying looks fun. We always do that at the beach, but it's been a LOONNG time since we've been to a beach. LOL