Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pickled Beluga

Yep, that's what this is. I love pickled beluga. It's good stuff.

Come on now, don't knock it til you try it. This was one of the many offerings at the Friend's Church craft bazaar today.

There was a fairly good turnout today. About the same as the one last weekend.

There was lots of things to look at.

This man was selling books. The book is called "Jesus and the Eskimo", by Fred Savok. I'm not sure if this man is Fred or not. I had never met him before, but I bought the book.

here are some beautiful atikluqs (kuspuks) made by Lydia.

More yummy stuff.

Here are some of the photos that I am was selling. The next two photos are my stuff as well.





Ishmael said...

Beluga meat, I'm assuming, not blubber....?

What's it taste like? And don't say "chicken."

Nice photos - you do great work!

tundratantrum said...

It's made pickling boiled beluga muktuk (skin and blubber). I don't quite know how to describe the taste of beluga muktuk, but the texture is like chewing a soft eraser

Anonymous said...

It tastes just like beluga, a taste uniquely it's own. Delicious too.
Yep, that was Fred Savok selling his book. Nice work!

Arvay said...

It looks like tofu. :)

Margaret said...

We bought Fred's book. Very interesting. Beluga? Just not sure about that.