Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Last Ten

Well I have nothing to offer lately in the way of pictures. We have had quite a few stormy days and then some foggy ones and a bunch of days that were all dim and gray and overcast, so I am empty handed. So in I'm stealing this idea from Dave to fill in the empty space.

Here's how it works....I list the last ten commenters on my blog, say a bit about each of their blogs. I think I might do what Dave did and split this into two parts cause it's already well past midnight and the thought of doing all those html links is making me sleepy....I mean really, isn't there an easier way to do links? I must be doing something wrong. I am also going to just stick to commenter who have blogs that I can link to, even though I appreciate ALL my commenters. K, here we go....

#1 is Becky. Becky lives in sunny SoCal with her husband and two boys. She is my cheerleader, always encouraging. I envy her ability to tell a story. I often have things that I want to say but I am just too lazy to type it all out. Check out her blog and meet her little Dennis the Menace in training and read about his latest ER exploits and see some fascinating photos of toddler tripe.

#2 is Gail. I think Gail is from Michigan. She is an occasional commenter and I have just recently had a chance to check out her blog. She bakes some mean looking goodies.

#3 is Mokihana. This blogger is new to me. As far as I know this is the first comment I have received from them/him/her. I checked out the blogs and it looks like he/she lives int he pacific northwest but is originally from Hawaii. Welcome to my blog Mokihana and thanks for the comment.

#4 is Ish from Kodiak Konfidential. This is one of my favorites. Ish is my opposite. He is into politics, I am not. He is liberal, I am not. But he makes me laugh and he likes my pictures so I forgive him his shortcomings.

#5 is Arvay. She moved to Fairbanks form California and is fitting in just fine. She likes to post lots of photos of her dogs which I can totally relate to. She knows how to skijor and I am jealous. The thought of standing on two slippery sticks and strapping myself to a couple of dogs is terrifying. Besides I think Dr. McGuire might be really pissed if he found out I screwed up my 5th knee surgery and third replacement ACL by being dragged around by dogs.

#6 is Northern Light. Lets see...She's another Alaskan blogger. I think she is a journalist and lives in Fairbanks. She takes some great pictures and has a cute little boy. Another who is into politics, a democrat and doesn't even belong to the NRA for crying out loud, but that's ok, my Gramma Nella taught me to love ALL people, even democrats.

#7 is Bragger. She's a regular reader. She is from Georgia. I hear Georgia is nice but it's too hot for me. I moved to the arctic so I wouldn't have to sweat. I don't know how she started reading my blog but I am happy to have her as one of my official "Blog Followers". Speaking of followers, this post she wrote cracked me up.

#8 is Angie. I ran into Angie's blog because I was googling Karelian Bear Dogs. We both have Karelians about the same age. Angie and her family live in Canada. I've been reading her blog for so long now it feels like she is a distant cousin or something. Her boys are adorable and smart too. They love all things nature so I sent them a few pieces of mammoth ivory to add to their fossil collection.

#9 is Karen. Karen, originally from NY, moved to Anchorage from North Carolina this last August. She was looking for adventure and seems to have found some. She has been taking some fabulous pictures lately and I believe her talent for photography has outgrown her point and click camera.

#10 is Alaska Dave Down Under. Dave is a expat Alaskan and a self described "Lazy Bum". He spends his retirement days lounging in the pool, drinking beer, feeding the birds and cooking yummy things.

Part two will come another day.


Ishmael said...

Kathy! We're opposites? Is that why I'm attracted to you?

Angie said...

What a nice theme for a post! (Delurking) I've been enjoying your posts and photographs as a way of seeing a *different* part of the US.

gail said...

Good for your gramma and her loving ways -- my mother was not so charitable about Republicans. :D

This was a good blog idea. It's fun to 'meet' new blogs this way, reminds me of the 7 degrees of separation concept!

Anonymous said...

That was good. Look at what we have to look forward to in Kotzebue
Sunrise: 12:58pm
Sunset: 2:38pm
Moonrise: 7:45am
Moonset: 12:13pm

Sunrise: 12:58pm
Sunset: 2:39pm
Moon: down all day

Karen Travels said...

I might steal this idea, I love it!!

And I hope to be getting a better camera soon!!

p.s. Northern Light took me snow shoeing a few weeks back - she is actually a nurse in Wasilla, but I think she would make an awesome journalist!!

tundratantrum said...

Hmmm....I wonder who the journalist in Fairbanks is then, lol.

tundratantrum said...

Oh yeah, that would be My Fairbanks Life.

Becky said...

With photos like yours, you don't need to worry about writing...they tell stories of their own!

Thanks for the shoutout on your blog! I was just now playing catch-up.