Thursday, October 23, 2008


The holidays are approaching and that means so are the craft fairs. Last year I decided to try selling some of my prints at the various holiday craft fairs that we have here in Kotzebue. I surprised myself by selling quite a few. It's kind of neat to know that someone wants to buy something that you created and hang it on their walls. So this weekend I will be spending some time going back through a years worth of photos and deciding which ones I would like to get prints of and in what sizes. I usually sell the prints with a simple black mat.

Uploading pics is a long tedious process because as many of you have heard me whine about before...Kotzebue's internet sucks.

I am still waiting for my camera charger to arrive. I had a yellow slip in my post office box today telling me I had a package but the post office counter was CLOSED (!!!!!) "due to illness". Our post office runs so short staffed here that you never know if it is going to be closed for whatever reason. Hopefully the charger will be here soon and I will be able to start taking photos again.

We are approaching the time of short days and low sun so the lighting will be a bummer for a few months....remember all those blue hued photos last year? I could photoshop the exposure, but then that wouldn't be keeping it real, would it?


Ishmael said...

You take great photographs, Cathy. And you need to enter them statewide (as well as sell them locally). ou're good. Believe me, I know good photography....

Anonymous said...

See, I"m not the only one who has told you how good and professional your photos are, and I'm sure Ish's word carries far more weight than mine! Wish I could BE there for a craft show. Take lots of pictures again when you go. And thanks for NOT photoshopping - it IS good that your pictures are real. They are things of amazing beauty that most people are never lucky enough to actually experience.