Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caribou Crossing

Today there were caribou crossing the ice from the mainland to the peninsula that Kotzebue sits on. This route brought them close to town and they caused quite the spectacle.

The caribou crossed in a steady stream for hours.

This is the most caribou I have ever seen at one time.

I wish the pictures I took were clearer but it was blowing snow and the light was low and it was freaking cold out and my hands were freezing.

As I said they caribou caused quite a commotion. There were cars lined up along the shore watching them pass by. There was also a big rush of hunters who took off to get some. There were lots of gun shots. Enough to make you nervous.





Bragger said...

Gorgeous creatures! Thanks for the pictures.

Karen Travels said...

Love these pics, thanks for sharing. When I looked at the very first one real fast, I thought it was an ocean with a REALLY big wave coming in.

It's early.

I hear you on the trying to take pics in the freezing cold! It's been brrr here and I have been new blog pics today are taken from my car!! LOL. I'm a slacker.

Anonymous said...

WOW! GREAT pictures. I love the last one, especially. Thanks for braving the cold for us!


Arvay said...

So cool! I love their prancing gait!

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Yeah, nice pics...Dean went out and said he was ten to fifteen feet away from them and took his prime pick at the one he shot yesterday. But...ugh, no camera! Ugh, men. ha... Cool. I'm going to steal these.

tundratantrum said...

I was running an errand to Illavak and got caught in the middel of them on the way back. There seemed to be a large gap in the parade but the visibility was poor and when I got about 200 yards out from the old barge I found myself between the bluff and a large approaching band. I slwoed down but they were starting to spook and I didn't want to send them flying all over so I stopped the 4 wheeler. As soon as I did that they basicall paid me no mind. It was so freaking windy that I didn't want to pull my poor wimpy white girl hands from my mits to take photos. I knew the light was sucky and they wouldn't look that great anyway, but eventually took some anyway because I couldn't resist any longer.

The bullets were flying though and at one pont I seriously contemplated sitting on the ground next to my 4 wheeler so I wouldn't get shot.

Keith in Cadillac said...

Thanks for braving the cold and the battlefield to get us such interesting pictures. You must take special care to keep your camera from freezing and/or fogging.

tundratantrum said...

I have had this camera in the nasties of conditions...especially in the winter and it has done quite well. The lens has done fine as well. The killer for me here is the dust in the summer.

The Right Blue said...

Amazing. It really was, as you say, quite a commotion, wasn't it.