Saturday, July 19, 2008

No ESPY for Mackey

There is no ESPY award for Mackey AGAIN this year. Scott Smiley, an Army captain blinded in Iraq who later went on to climb Mt. Ranier won the outdoor category. While there is no ESPY for Lance, there may be a Mackey movie in the future. Warner Bros and Disney have both expressed interest in his story.

(Photo by Associated Press/Al Grillo)

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Anonymous said...

Well, you obviously know how I feel about this. Sad. Although I feel better that he lost to whom he did THIS year than last, when he lost to Tiger Woods. I mean, come on - to compare, in terms of toughness, a golfer, or a Quest/Iditarod finisher, much less winner, that just did not sit right. This year's winner seems to be a popular "sympathy" vote - which I'm not against, but it is making me wonder, two years in a row, how much actual value or weight should be put on winning this award. Lance is my hero, no matter what. I don't have a lot of heroes, but he is definitely at the top of my list. Thanks for the update.


bea3855 said...

Good Morning!
Were just into your beautiful blog again; absolutely lovely!
Will come back and you are welcome to visit mine as well:! :)
Saw the Iditarod endings via webcam in Nome in March here in Germany. Lance is definitely a hero and all the others that did so well, too. Maybe I will do it one day to watch it personally. Only made it to more southern US States and Canada yet!
Have a nice new week,

Arvay said...

Lance's dogs are really cute. They have that classic Alaskan husky look (warm brown eyes, big smile, cuddly demeanor) taken to the extreme!