Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arctic Bees

Bees are always busy, but they have to be especially busy during the short summer season here in the arctic.

I have seen them visit many different kinds of flowers but today the arctic daisies seemed quite popular.

I hate hornets and wasps but these honeybees are quite harmless. They are far to preoccupied with their work to pay attention to me.

They were all over this yellow stuff too.

Speaking of busy bees, it looks like these two bees are...ummmm....getting busy.



Arvay said...

Oh bee-have!

Ryanne said...

Those are spectacular! the focus is great, and the last one is, by far my favorite

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

I have a whole nest in the eaves where I can get to them. I'm not sure what to do.