Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunset Yesterday Afternoon

Taken 01/02/10 2:54pm



Gloria said...

Those are the MOST AWESOME sunset photos I have EVER seen! I would like your permission to keep some of them, possibly to use in my own blog eventually and link to yours. You are an exceptional photographer! Thanks for sharing!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Phenomenal light. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your talent. Again. Always.

Anonymous said...

HERE COMES THE SON!!! The Calif Guy.

Arvay said...


Anonymous said...

haven't left a comment before, but regularly look at your site for pictures of Kotz and especially up the Noatak (parents used to teach in Noatak and that is some of the most beautiful country I know of). These are also some of the most beautiful sunset photos I've seen in ages- yay for sun! I especially liked the silhouette of the leaf against the sky. Thanks for having such a great blog- I know it must take a lot of time, but I certainly enjoy it!

Ms. ~K said...

These may be some of your best photos! Of course all of your photos are amazing!