Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Videos...


I found a great video on youtube that someone posted with footage from Kotzebue and Noorvik from the 1950's! The video does not indicate where each segment has been filmed. It looks to me like just the first minute of the video and then a short part near the end with the kid riding the machine were filmed in Kotzebue. The rest of the video was supposedly filmed in Noorvik, but it kinda looks like Kiana to me especially at 3:23. Can anyone confirm that??

This second video has some interesting footage from around Point Hope. Remember that this is commercially produced and therefore a bit hokey (especially the sound effects) at times. Also, the person narrating it is so obviously NOT from Point Hope. She sounds more like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle. I'm wondering if anyone knows who the people in this film are...especially the kids.



TwoYaks said...

The other thing about the commercial films made in AK in that time (and a few even today) is so much is staged by the film producers to show the way they thought eskimos should act. There were a couple of times where I was shaking my head at the second video... I wonder what I'm missing, that I should be shaking my head at!

Still, I'm glad the films were made. So much lost from what was just "yesterday"...

Anonymous said...

I don't if 3:23 is Kiana... but I thought the dog sleds at 2:00 was the same view from the end of the runway and/or close to the store next to the river.

james said...

The first video is really interesting. The second one I have on DVD. It's called "Eskimo Hunters in Northwestern Alaska" and is footage from the National Archives. I think I bought it from Amazon.

TheJayBob said...


gpc said...

Since the videos were shot in 1949 and the 1950s, most of those children would be 70 or older, right? It would be fun to track down those who are left and hear their version of the films.

Dean said...

Thanks for the memories Cathy. I'll get you the names of those at Kiana. It was great seeing Uncle Oscar again.

Cathy said...

So that was Kiana at that part I mentioned, Dean?? I sure didn't think it looked like Noorvik.

Dean said...

From about 2:27 Kiana started: the church scenes were Kiana as well as the village with the mountain backdrop. My parents house is situated where there camera was positioned. I see that scene, plus the additions to Kiana over these many year while drinking coffee and looking out the their windows.

Anonymous said...

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