Wednesday, November 11, 2009



You suck. Yeah you heard me. I used to love your site. I used to waste many an hour looking through your pages and pages of jackets, mittens, hats, and camping gear. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a year there on winter boots and gloves and face masks.....but no more I tell you. No more! You have now joined the ranks of places that give Alaskan's the shaft.

I mean come on Campmor, I live in the United States of America, not Bangladesh! Is it really so hard to ship something to me USPS Priority Mail? had to sell out to the UPS God and relegate me and my fellow Alaskans to USPS Parcel Post. Come on, PARCEL POST????? Do you know that it takes USPS Parcel Post anywhere from 4-5 weeks to get to Alaska??? Seriously.

And you know what really sucks, Campmor?? You didn't even have the DECENCY to tell us that it is Parcel Post. call it "Standard Shipping" just like you always have so we don't even know our stuff is on the slow boat from China until it happens!!! That's what happened to my friend. Her Daughter broke the zipper on her coat so she ordered from Campmor, like always for a new jacket. 3 weeks later IT'S STILL NOT HERE! Thank goodness I found this out BEFORE I spent several hundred dollars on Christmas stuff and winter gear from your site.

So Campmor, I'm sorry to say that you have lost me as a customer....not that you really care about this Alaskan, or any of the rest of us, anyway.



Anonymous said...

You should totally send this letter TO Campmor.


Cathy said...

I sent them a shorter version of this along with a link to this post.....not that they give a rat's patootie.

Finnskimo said...

HEY, I totally stopped using Campmor too! SO SUCKY...oh my gosh. Oh well, maybe all those people who like to camp in a holiday inn express will shop from them once every three years. :) PSH.

Campmor can suck my blistery big toe.

Ishmael said...

Those dogs!

You know who's good? Cabella's. They always have free or reduced shipping coupons you can get by e-mail after you've ordered once. And the bargain basement area can't be beat! I have three 50/50 poly/cotton shirts that I got for like $12 and my PT thought they were like $40 shirts. Sweetness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ishmael--Cabella's is the best--good quality-and they want to please!
The Calif. guy

Anonymous said...

why don't you really tell us what you mean--ha-ha

Peruby said...

Well - hey Campmor! This commenter is reading this post loud and clear! I'll ban them and will tell anybody I talk to (which is only 50some school districts).

Tundra - you go girl! I have not stepped foot in Wal-mart the entire year of 2009. Like you said, they probably don't care about little ole me, but hey - my money is going somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Shipping in general has gotten out of control. I went to mail a pkg. to my sis who lives two hours away. The postal clerk asked me if I want to ship "priority" and it would get there in two days. Parcel post would take three to five days and was half the price of priority. I chose parcel to save money and guess what? It made it to her house in two days anyway!

Somebody's making quite a lot of moola on all this shipping!

Anonymous said...

i live in NM and follow your it. my husband is originally from anchorage...i'm not a fan of that city AT ALL, but do love traveling to the small places in AK.

i'm originally from NJ, and my parents live 10 minutes from the Campmor store. i'm going to go talk to management at Campmor when i visit in Dec. There is no excuse for this rediculous shipping policy.

Cate said...

I think we should totally start a protest campaign to UPS and Fed Ex. Their service is ridiculous -- with their only allowable rate being 2nd day air, it cost an arm & a leg, but then it takes 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. I've gotten things via UPS when companies offer free shipping, and it comes the same way the regular mail comes -- no quicker, no special treatment for all that money. It's one thing to charge expensive rates for exceptionally quick service, but to charge such money for subpar service is fraudulent. I guess we just need a lawyer. :)

Oh, and what's up with Amazon, that they won't send groceries to Alaska at all, period? Do they think we don't eat?

Arvay said...

I'm all about Sierra Trading Post. Their shipping times are generally about a week, they send coupons all the time for extra discounts on top of their already greatly discounted prices, and they have a great customer service policy. They take back anything you aren't happy with, even if it's been used.

Because they sell "seconds," some of it has slightly misaligned seams, or only odd colors left, but who cares? Purple hiking socks? I love em!

The only drawback is that their photos and descriptions aren't the best, and they do NOT do free shipping on returns, so you're stuck with that.

Other than that, love, love, love. Oh, and to get their coupons, this is one where you'll actually want to click "put me on your emailing list."

Adux said...

I feel your pain. There's no reason for this. I'm encountering the same BS and I have to get a lot of stuff shipped, because there just aren't a lot of places to shop. But yeah, there are 50 states in the US. It's not fair that we get treated like a foreign country.

flying fish said...

Cabelas and Sierra Trading! I didn't know Campmor went the UPS route, thanks for the warning. I like calling 800 numbers and telling them I won't shop unless they'll ship USPS priority, sometimes you can force a company in to it.

Anonymous said...

Cathy--I think you touched a nerve!!

MLockhart said...

I've been buying gear at REI for years ( Though you have to buy a membership ($20), you do get dividends back at the end of the year on what you buy. They have half decent sales and they have an outlet site as well. It looks like they have pretty reasonable shipping rates, though I can't comment on the service since I use the ship-to-store option.

The one thing I like about them is if you don't like a product or it fails in anyway, you can return it with no questions for refund or exchange, even years after you bought the item.