Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Shots on a Beautiful Day


These photos were taken on Jone 23rd. The official high temp for that day in Kotzebue was 69F degrees.

As far as I am concerned anything above 60F degrees is excessive. I didn't move to the arctic to sweat.

By the time these photos were taken at around 8:30pm it had cooled down to about 62F. As you can see the tundra is turning green and the flowers are blooming. Here is some Dwarf Fireweed.

This is the blossom of Labrador Tea. If you take a few sprigs of Labrador Tea leaves and a couple of Lipton Tea bags and throw then in a pot of boiling water for a couple minutes it makes a delicious tea.


This is the flower of a Cloudberry plant. Around here people sometimes call them "salmonberries" but that's not what they are. Salmonberries actually grow on a bush. The Inupiaq word for cloudberry is Aqpik.

As you can see the tundra is finally getting green, although there is still some snow here and there.



Allmycke said...

I'm totally with you on the not wanting to sweat part... The last few days have been way too hot for my liking.
Funny - in the last little while I've taken pictures of exactly the same things as you. Labrador Tea, Cloudberries and Cottongrass. Our Fireweed hasn't come into bloom yet, though.

Gloria said...

The cottongrass looks like a very interesting plant. Is it as soft feeling as it looks?

gpc said...

Beautiful, you live in a land of such extremes and your photos really bring it alive.

Rocksee said...

I like the cottongrass.. It's so pretty!