Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Fun With Ducks

Last night Uyaana and I took the dogs for a run out on the old base road behind Kotzebue. The dogs love to run along the road and through the tundra while Uyaana and I ride in the truck. Their favorite thing is hunting for voles. They search and sniff through the tundra til they find them. And then they eat them. Yum. So last night it looked like Kaija had found one and Uyaana wanted to jump out of the truck and go see. He ran off and left the passenger side door open. He started yelling that Rush had one so I got out to look and Rush comes running over with his prize in his mouth, jumps up into the cab of the truck and drops the vole onto the driver's side seat. Poor little bugger was still heaving it's last breaths. I holler at Rush and he jumps out of the truck leaving his tasty goodie behind. So I find a piece of paper and flick the little beast off the seat and onto the ground where Kaija snaps it up runs off a few feet and chomps it down. This whole story has nothing to do with ducks by the way, I just thought I'd share.

Anyway...onto the ducks. Since you guys are so good at this here are two more...





Clare said...

Northern Pintal (Anas acuta) #1 and
American Widgeon (Anas americana) #2

Anonymous said...

Arctic Vole, they appear tasty! Next time take them from the dogs and fry them up. Umm Ummm.

Arvay said...

Rush actually will drop a vole? What a good dog! Mine would never give theirs up, not in a million years.

Anonymous said...

Pintail and Widgeon. Nice shots.

LoveANewIdea said...

Ooooh - nice new header photo. Love the little cabin sitting there all by itself.