Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Combat Fishing Kotzebue Style


People have been getting herring on and off all day today. The herring usually run for about a week. They come and go, here and there during that time.

I went out this evening to see if the fish were running.

As you can see by the action they certainly were.

People were filling they buckets and sacks.

The kids have a great time climbing around the ice and hooking fish.

Sometimes if the schools are really thick you can catch two or three on your hook at the same time.

But one at a time is ok too.

Another way to catch herring is with a cast net.

It's a good way to catch a lot of fish at once.

But it requires a little finesse...something I don't have.


*Front Street is actually named "Shore Ave" but most of us call it "Front Street" or "out on front".


Anonymous said...

Cathy, your pictorial stories are so interesting! National Geographic could use you!!!

Anji Gallanos said...

Your net casting photo is amazing! Be very proud! Looking forward to meeting you.

robert and aurora said...

Good afternoon from Noorvik! We really like your website.

Rocksee said...

see I'm not the only one who thinks you should work for nat geo... I love that it seems like such a community activity. Something that everyone looks forward too and brings them together. YOu don't get alot of that here.

Anonymous said...

just got to your site and using the pickled herring recepie but using silver salmon chunks. Should work ok. Hello from down Juneau way. Good photos .. smilin lins and zorro the parrot