Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photohunt Saturday- Unique/Funny Signs



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Angie said...

hey... i finally remembered to respond to your question about the shedding. I posted this in on my blog in reply:

Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner…. I had a “regular” grooming brush, which didn’t work that great. I got a shedding comb with two different lengths of teeth and it works well. It says on the package, “good for double coated breeds”.

Karen Travels said...

Oh, so that is where I could live!!

Um....not so sure about it.

I am a bad flyer. I love snow and cold, but not THAT much. I really love Target.

But what an adventure it would be.

Becky said...

Great picture, lol!

Anonymous said...

So is this for real? I know in the bush there are a lot of teacher housing situations that aren't that far off from that - I've seen pictures. But in Kotz, this can't be for real, right? On the other hand, how sad is it that I would totally jump to live in a tin box with a porta-potty right outside my door if it meant I got to teach in AK? Yeah, I've been told before there is something wrong with me. I understand.

tundratantrum said...

LOL.....I'll explain the teacher housing thing when I get back into town.

-TNChick- said...

No, I wouldn't want to live there! Burrr!!

Sorry you were having issues commenting... Was there a specific issue?