Friday, April 4, 2008

Linkie Love

I recently did the link 5 meme thingy and I had to tag 5 people. I did this post the night before I left for Anchorage and I was in hurry...I was tired...I was ready for bed. I hurriedly chose 5 people and then hit the hay. As an after thought I realized that I had missed someone that I should have tagged and went to his blog and left him a comment. I neglected to link him from my blog and man, he sure kivet! Come on me make it up to him....head on over to Alaskan Dave Down Under. While your there check out his pictures. This guys back yard looks like the exotic bird section at Petco....although a zillion fancy feathered Cockatoos couldn't convince me to live anywhere it's 120 degrees in the shade.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Gosh Cathy... I was joking :) But thanks! I got some more great bird shots to put up and the heat wave is over. 85 F in the shade and 100 F in the sun. Can you believe some folks had jackets on? I live in shorts :)