Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thank You!

After the fire, when Maija first suggested having a fundraiser, we thought that maybe we might be able to raise $1,000. Imagine our amazement at having raised over $3,000! We are grateful for everyone's generosity. Many people who donated were from Alaska, but just as many were not. We had people from all over the United States and we feel blessed. The following is a list of winners...

Deluxe handmade Knife By Siksu's Knives – Greg Louden
Atikluk – zippered – Laurie Parker
Atikluk – pullover womens – Eva Harvey
Birch Bark Basket - Jill Meyer
Mukluk Keychain handsewn – Denise Row
Mitten Keychain Handsewn – Kathleen Barker
2 jars of homemade Jams – B. Self
2 jars of homemade Jams – Greg Louden
2 jars of homemade Fireweed Jelly – Duncan Campbell
An Ivory Seal Necklace – Daisy Lambert
Three Fillets of Kenai Red Salmon – Karen Bendler
Three Packages Alaskan Halibut – Sally Loprinzi
Matted Photo - James Parente
Matted Photo – Deb Billingsley
Matted Photo – Gary & Elizabeth Alkire
Handmade (Beaded) Earrings - Valarie Brown
Handmade (Beaded) Earrings – Greg Louden
Handmade (Beaded) Earrings – Sally Loprinzi
Handmade (Beaded) Earrings – Ida Ballot
Handmade (Beaded) Earrings – B. Self
Walrus Ivory Earrings – Jill Meyer
Atikluk Apron – David Holthouse
Gift Certificate from Margie's Materials – Karen Bendler
Grass Handweaved Basket - Margaret Lawler
Swan Antler Carving – Jackalyn Riggs
Beaded necklace and earring set – Patty Frawley
Kitchen towel set – J.A. Siglin
Towel set – Denise Lachowsky
Towel set – Susan Sharbaugh
Towel set – Susan Severston
Crochet potholders – Rachel Lockwood
Crochet table doily – J.A. Siglin
Crochet table doily – Constance Steeples
Ivory Face Earrings – J. A. Siglin
Scarf – Sam Towarak
Scarf – Daisy Lambert
Scarf – Leslie Parrish
Scarf – Rodney Keeland
Baby Blanket – Lorraine Bartlett
2 salmon fillets – Chester Ballot
Seal skin slippers – Elizabeth Moses
Alaska Airlines Ticket – (OTZ-ANC) – Aggie Jack

We will be contacting people starting next week to confirm addresses to send items to.

So once again, thanks again for helping us help out neighbors. And a special thank you for everyone who donated prizes. It is awesome, especially in these tough economic times, to see people step up to help others. God bless you all.


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