Monday, September 14, 2009

Checking In

I'm in Anchorage until Monday evening. Went to the Lion King (AWESOME), I'll talk about that more later. In the morning I will shop til I drop and head back to Kotzebue on the evening flight.

I still have lots of photos that I need to post from labor day weekend.

The fundraiser is moving along. I just want to thank everyone who has donated so far. In Kotzebue many have been collecting donations from people at their places of business, donating clothing, raising money at the post office lobby with a bake sale. This is what we do. But I find it so awesome that people from all over, many of whom have never even been to Kotzebue, have given so much so far. You are really helping to make a difference in our community and we are grateful.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you to everyone who is helping this world become a better place.

Especially you Cathy, thank you for being involved in your community.