Thursday, September 3, 2009

Running the Raven Gauntlet


The other day I took the dogs for a run out on the road behind town. There were about 10 ravens in and near the road just hanging out.

Of course the dogs took off after them trying to catch one but the ravens scattered into the air.

But the ravens didn't fly away somewhere else.

Instead they followed the dogs for about a quarter of a mile, swooping and teasing them.

Ravens like to have their fun.

The tundra is covered with color now.

Those red colored plants by the water are what happens to fireweed after it has gone to seed.

I love the tundra in the fall.



Arvay said...

Beautiful photos. Wouldn't be be something if the dogs did one day catch a raven? The other ravens would then say, "We used to tease the dogs, but... nevermore."

Bragger said...

I love your fall colors. It will still be weeks and weeks before we get our color here.

Gloria said...

Just beautiful there! Guess the ravens had some fun teasing your dogs.

Peruby said...

Arvay - you funny!

Thank-you for posting the colorful pictures of the tundra. I have no idea what your neck of the woods looks like this time of year. It is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It will be another three weeks or so before the leaves change in the Colorado Rockies.

DameEdithDivine said...

Beautiful photos.