Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Today was our third full day of vacation. It was HOT! We spent the day sitting around the pool and swimming. I did a little bit of shopping but it was tooooo hot.

I took a few photos of flowers around the pool....

In the evening we had a cookout and we were able to bet my sisters 4 kids all together and have their photo taken. What a good lookin' bunch!

Tomorrow we will head to Canobie Lake Park. We will be taking one of my nieces because I HATE amusement park rides. So that should be a lot of fun for Uyaana. I plan to find some shade and read my book.



Anonymous said...

Dude! There are no mosquitoes there, want me to send you some? LOL

Cathy said...

There are mosquitoes, they are just half dead from heat exhaustion.

Gloria said...

Wow is it really that hot in NH? Guess you will never come to Florida where I live then. Actually, I would really rathur be cool than hot. So hopefully our ful time RVing dreams will come true in a few years. Then I will only visit cool places! LOL Sounds like you two are having fun!