Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Office

I was gonna title this "Going to the PO" but I didn't want to make anyone think I was going to see a probation officer. All that is behind me I swear.

I figured I better get some photos anywhere I can so I took a few on the way to the post office. Kotzebue does not have home delivery of mail. We all have post office boxes, so the post office is usually a daily thing around here.

On the way you could see that people are fishing out on the ice here and there.

They are still catching tomcods and even some smelts here and there.

Here is the lunchtime traffic jam in front of the post office.

Doesn't everyone drive around with a 55 gallon drum of gas in their pickup??

Here is our post office. It's kind of ghetto. It's not our fault though. Apparently the federal government feels that we are not worthy of a new post office....even though Point Hope has one which is totally not fair.

this fella was just hanging out.

I think this guy was walking to the airport.

So that was my exciting lunchtime trip to the post office.


Bragger said...

I wanna come visit your town! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!

tundratantrum said...

Bring it on. You can come visit anytime. It costs about $1,200 to fly here round trip from Atlanta...about the same per ticket as it cost me and Uyaana to fly to Boston every year.

Anonymous said...

You attract middle age female teachers. What is it?


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Hey, that looks awfully like our post office in Tahoe. It makes me miss that village PO vibe.