Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heading Home

Well, after 36 check card transactions in 3 days I'm headed back to the Land of OTZ. Uyaana had a great time. He saw 2 movies, went to H2Oasis, and Chuckie Cheese's.

I endure these places because Uyaana does not get to do this stuff very often. H2Oasis is definitely not my favorite place After 2 hours I think there I think that we have been completely sanitized. The chlorine level is practically off the charts. Chuckie Cheese's is just....well I'm sure you all know what I mean.

So we went to the movies. I like to try and see a movie or two, depending on what's playing, when I come to Anchorage. Funny, when I lived in the lower 48 I hardly ever went to the movies. Maybe it was because I was so broke. I can't really remember the reason now. So here are my reviews for the movies we went to see...

"Bolt"- very funny.
"Madagascar 2"- meh

There you have it. I'm sure my in depth reviews will soon be in demand around the world.


Bragger said...

I don't see movies very often either...and I don't even have to make a trek to see them. :) I saw Twilight yesterday. It was as good as I thought the book was....which was well below what the general population thought.

Just curious: How far is it from Kotzebue to Anchorage?

Becky said...

I love your reviews, lol. Straight to the point.

Glad you got your fill of shopping and other activities in the city.

Hope y'all have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!