Thursday, September 11, 2008

Camp Robbers

Camp Robbers are one of my favorite birds. They are Gray Jays, also known as Canadian Jays or Whiskeyjacks, and many people consider them a pest. I think they are interesting. The enty on wikipedia states "Gray Jays readily capitalize on novel food sources, including humans living on or passing through their territories. To the frustration of trappers using baits to catch furbearing animals or early travelers trying to protect their winter food supplies, and to the delight of modern campers, many individual Gray Jays quickly learn that we can be an excellent source of food, even coming to the hand for bread, raisins, or cheese."

This Camp Robber was eating pieces of baked salmon that I was throwing to him. Even though he lived way out on the Noatak River he was still quite bold. Once he knew I was throwing food to him he kept coming back for more.


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CabinDweller said...

This bird comes in second behind the raven, for me.

But you are right, talk about bold! I was camping this summer, up early making breakfast before heading to the river. One camp robber was very nonchalantly pecking away at a bag of trail mix 3 feet from me ... when turned and shooed him/her away ... another one swooped down from behind me and stole a piece of fried spam.

Outsmarted by birds -