Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Traveling Sucks

Well from my door in Kotzebue to my Aunts door in Conway, NH it took 24 hours. 24 very loooooong hours. I took no pics of the trip here because I don't need to be reminded of spending hours on three cramped jets, hours in airports, and driving through the Ted Williams and the rest of that maze in Boston hoping that I hit 93 North on the first try. Ugh. Traveling sucks. Once you get there it's ok, but everything else about it sucks.

So this is my first full day in NH with a decent amount of sleep under my belt. Went to bed last night at 9pm EST and I slept for 14, COUNT EM, 14 hours! Probably because in the 48 hours before that I only had 6 hours of sleep. Conway is outlet heaven I wanted to go shopping. I have only one t-shirt. Living in Kotzebue I don't have much of a need for short sleeved shirts, everything I own is long sleeved. I also needed to get Uyaana some shorts. He doesn't own any. I also scheduled haircuts for me and Uyaana. We drove to North Conway and picked up some lunch. Then we went and bought him a new pair of sneakers and me a cool new pair of sandals at Bootlegger's. Then Uyaana says "Mom I'm gonna muhgaq!" (the eskimo word for vomit) And sure enough, ONE NANAO SECOND after he says that he erupts like a human fountain and loses his Happy Meal all over the front of himself and the back seat of the rental car. Thank got it didn't have cloth seats. Thank goodness I had an extra change of clothes for him in the car.

So after he throw up he seems to feel better. I thought that we still might be able to get haircuts. I starting getting mine cut first. Part way through Uyaana tells me he has to throw up again. He runs to the bathroom. He stayed there until my haircut was done. We don't spend much time in cars back in Kotzebue. Our family vehicle is a 4 wheeler (atv) in the summer and a snowmachine in the winter in the winter, so he has a tendency to get car sick. So now we are washing his pukey clothes and waiting for his Dramamine to kick in and then we are driving to my dad's house in Gilford. Hopefully it will be a puke free ride.

So no pics but I figured I would check in write a few words so the blog wouldn't look like it had been abandoned.


Becky said...

Awww, poor Uyaana! Though I think I would have felt a little green around the gills after all that travel, too. 24 hours. Ugh.

I must say though...I LOVE the word "Mahgaq"! That's like the exact phonetic spelling for what happens when you hurl! I think I'm going to use that one around here from now on, lol.

Hope y'all have a wonderful rest of our trip, catching up with family and friends, and no more puking in the car. And lots of FAB pictures.

When we drive into the mountains, I get pretty queasy on the switchbacks, and find that it helps a lot to just close my eyes and have the window open so air can blow full-force on my face.

Peruby said...

Thank-you for not posting any pictures. ;-) You know, of the mahgaq - ing.

I always got car sick on the family outings that we had. My family was so large we always had to take 2 cars and nobody ever wanted to ride in the car I was in, well... because.. you know.

Tell Uyaana he isn't alone in the car sickness. It helps to look forward (at the road ahead of possible) and breathe in plenty of fresh air.

Good luck. Looking forward to pics of NH (outside the car).