Friday, June 20, 2008

Happiness is a New Outhouse

It is, really.

BEHOLD!!! My new unukvik! Ain't she beautiful. Notice the lovely stairs and screened openings. I have been pleading for a new outhouse out at camp for years. My honey finally gave in.

Here is my little archer showing off the plush interior.

Here is the old crapper. How would you like to sit on that on a dark fall night??? Yeah, that's how I felt about it too.

I feel like I have really moved up in the world.

***FYI- Because a few people have asked hehehe,....yes that is a real toilet seat on there, and no it's not going to stay. You can bet your bottom (har har har) dollar that I won't be putting my butt on a regular toilet seat when it is cold out. We will be changing it to the ubiquitous blue foam.**


Anonymous said...

What a palatial accommodation! Now Cathy, if this isn’t love with a capital O I don’t know what is. Way to go V.

Becky said...

LOL! That totally cracks me up.

I can totally see how it would be nice to have a little more coverage. And screens to keep out the skeeters.

Trudie said...

I've been lurking around your blog for some time - but now I had to de-lurk...
Your old facility immediately gave rise to the question:
Weren't you afraid of being surprised by some brown, furry friend while sitting on that throne?

I know I would've!

tundratantrum said...

That kind of thing has definitely crossed my mind. As I was sitting in there today with my book and a smoking mosquito coil I thought to myself "ahhhh, no bugs, no breeze, and no bears".

CabinDweller said...

Tis the month of the outhouse post, indeed.

Nice anukvik. :) It puts mine to shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, baby, that's one beautiful outhouse! Happiness!!!


Arvay said...

Congratulations! Is that an actual toilet seat? Won't be be cold? Or are you going to replace it with the classic blue foam seat come Winter? It's a neat little crapper! :)

tundratantrum said...

Yes, my anukviq is shown here with an actual toilet seat. This is actually just for show. When it gets colder it will be traded in for the ubiquitous Alaskan blue foam seat.

Arvay said...

Bottom dollar, haha! And here I sat for five minutes, unable to think of a good pun for my comment. :)

KeepStriving said...

Only you would post about toilets! LOL! You are truly one of a kind! Love ya, Cath!

Anonymous said...