Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stayin' Alive......barely

It's hot. Good grief it's hot. Nasty, sticky, hot. It was 91 degrees in North Conway today and it's not looking any better for tomorrow. I think I might croak. Seems all I have been doing is complaining. First I'm sick, then I'm hot, then I'm sick of being hot....sheesh. And not one posted picture. First it was raining too much to take pictures and now it is too hot to exert the effort to lift up my camera.....I joke. I have taken some pictures and I promise to post a few least I promise to try.

All complaining and joking aside it has been nice to visit my family. It's great to see them all again.....but next year I think they are all going to have to come seee me insead because this heat wave crap is for the birds. A few more days in New Hampshire then I leave for Oregon on Wednesday. I'll be there for a couple days and then back to Kotzebue on Saturday.


job5.18 said...

Hello again! Thanks for visiting! Your heat wave is not an isolated event. 81F here in Des Moines, even with the raining and flooding and tornadic activity. I cannot stand anything over 75F. Even that is pushing it!! I think I'm the only Iowan whose had my air on for two months now. Sorry you're not feeling well! I actually stopped by to ask if you'd mind me adding you to my blog roll. Thanks, Tory.

Anonymous said...

Here in Kotzebue too: 37 degree weather-rain-fog. Oh wait, this is our normal springtime. 31 degrees yesterday with snow and rain.
Enjoy the sweather while you can.

RunninL8 said...

I do not miss the humidity back east!!! GOOD luck getting relatives to come HERE to visit! You'd think they be hopin on the next plane to visit a place like this but noooooooooooooooo, "you come HERE".