Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Picture Problems

I am trying not to panic.

The pictures for this blog are hosted by photobucket.com. Apparently they have had some sort of hack or meltdown and now I cannot access their website or the pictures and of course they are not working on the blog either. I am hoping that this is something that they will be able to fix. The thought of having over a a years worth of blog posts effectively trashed gives me a stomach ache.

Photobucket has apparently fixed their problem and people can see the photos on the blog now. I can see them to, but only at work. On my computer at home all the photobucket hosted pics still have little red x's. I have tried everything I can think of....
- deleted temporary internet files
- Deleted history
- deleted cookies
- ran Spybot just for the heck of it
- did all then and then rebooted

Still no photobucket pics can be viewed on my computer at home, nor can I access photobucket.com from my home computer. I have never claimed to be computer smart so does anyone out there have any suggestions???


Ishmael said...

Looks like they're back!

You do great photography -- I'd hate to see you lose anything, too.

Nice honeybee shot.

Karen Travels said...

I too love your photography. I cannot wait to come visit and go on a photo hunt with you!!

RunninL8 said...

I see 'em! I would have been pulling my hair out!!!

Daisy said...

Your bee and flower photo is amazing!

Your post scairt me, so I checked my Photobucket account, and it seems okay for me. I can see all of your photos, too.

Anonymous said...

I can see the pictures! Sorry I have no other input to bring up your photos on the blog...