Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arctic Tern

According to Wikipedia (which we all know is the source of all truth), the Arctic Tern sees two summers per year and more daylight than any other creature on the planet. They migrate from their summer breeding grounds in the arctic to winter in the Antarctic summer. They mate for life and usually return to the same colony each year.

They have quite the nasty little disposition, especially when a certain nosey bear dog starts poking her pointy snout where it doesn't belong. Of course instead of dive bombing said bear dog they attack said bear dog's OWNER.



Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

We see them down here too. Not much, but some do hang out along small sections of our southern coast during our summer. Guess those are the ones too lazy to fly the last 2000 miles to Antarctica :)

According to my aussie bird book, wiki is right about them seeing more daylight than pretty much any other creature on this planet.

Arvay said...

As soon as Winter comes, they tern around and leave...

BNS said...

Love that second sot, Cathy. Well done! (And I must say -- you and your camera sure have been busy since you got back from your vacation in NH!)


Kimberlee said...

Those are AMAZING photos! I've never seen an Arctic Tern stand still! I think I'm a little envious! :)