Friday, April 16, 2010

This Little Piggy Gets a Polish


Today I had my first ever pedicure. My friend Bree, in her never ending quest to tame my inner (and outer) barbarian, talked me into it.

"You'll love it" she said.
"But my feet are terrible" I protested.
"Just try it" she said.
"But I haven't shaved my legs in MONTHS!" I whined.
"They won't care" she said.

So with great trepidation I went to the nail place. I looked in and there were MEN giving pedicures. Hey, no one said anything about MEN looking at my hairy legs while shaving inches of dead skin from my gnarly feet. I almost ran away. Before I could wuss out Bree dragged me across the room and told me to sit in a chair.

Thankfully it was a woman who came out to do my pedicure. As she pared away at my neglected cuticles she was chattering away in Vietnamese and laughing with the lady working next to her. I bet they were making fun of my hairy legs.

She clipped and scrubbed and filed and rubbed and scraped and buffed and polished. She certainly earned her money on me.

And here it is, the finished product. I think this is the first time I have ever had polish on my toes and I feel a bit ridiculous.

A friend said to me "You know you have to take that stuff off with nail polish remover? Do you have any?"

I said "No, I was just planning on letting it wear off over time like the barbarian that I am.



Anonymous said...

Now those are cute little piggies, I must say! I've only had one pedicure in my whole life (because $35 for a job I can do myself seems a tad high, don't ya think?) but it was a wonderful experience, what with the whirlpool foot soak, the leg massage, the "hoof" trim! Since it's coming on flip flop weather here in OK, I could save up and go all out!


Gloria said...

Haha,I had my first last summer,given tome by my daughters! It was great! But once a year is enough, I'll do it myself!

gpc said...

Now that I can't easily SEE my toes until I pull them nearly to my nose, I get a pedicure a couple of times a year. I love having newly polished toes. So what did you think? Did you like it, or was it just another experience?

doghairinmycoffee said...

Now go to Target and buy flip flops to wear in the snow.

Gramma 2 Many said...
You have to go watch this video:) I think it is my favorite you tube I have ever watched. If it does not come up, type in Anjelah Johnson Nail Salon and I think you will find it.
Since my first pedicure last year, I go every month now. Would not miss it. They had to shave 63 years of neglect from my feet. I call them my 'happy feet' now.

Finnskimo said...

Hello, that's what real women do. They let their friends paint toenails when they can't reach their feet and then just let the polish grow out with the toenails! :) hehe.

Adii that BREE!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post so funny and so damn real!! everyone needs a friend like yours to pull us screaming and kicking outside our comfort zone!

bring on the flip flops!


Anonymous said...

I shaved for my trip out......just sayin :-)

Arvay said...

Ooo brave! I would never let anyone touch my feet, and frankly, I'd be terrified if someone scrubbed off my calluses (how would I run, hike, or do yardwork without that kind of protection?)!

But that could be just sour grapes on my part, because I have hideous feet. Yours look nice! Not bad for a barbarian! :)

Anonymous said...

I still have nail polished ends on my toes from the pedicure I got in August before coming up to Kotz.