Saturday, October 2, 2010



So things have been really busy lately. Between working full time and taking two classes and all the work travel I have had lately there hasn't been much time for blogging. One of the classes I am taking is intermediate algebra and it is pure hell. It takes me HOURS to do the homework. I really have NO idea how I am going to pass this class. I have to bet a "B". I am doomed.

I just got back from three days in Anchorage yesterday evening and I head back to Anchorage tomorrow afternoon for another three days. I will try to take some photos of something....anything, lol, and post them to break up the monotony around here :)



Peruby said...

I would be in total misery. I hate algebra.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Do you have transportation while you are there? If so, PLEASE take an hour and go up to Eagle River/Eklutna, and go to the cemetary there. You will not regret it, I promise. Picture fodder for someone like you who has the artistic ability with a camera I lack, and such a totally native, spiritual, calming place. I think it is one of my favorite places around Anchorage ever. ANd I wandered around in the rain last time, which made it seem even more "otherworldly."
Titlewave, Moose's Tooth, Humpy's, corner coffee drive-thru's, Hood Lake, Snow City Cafe, the public market (probably done now?) - your pictures are so good you could even make me homesick for the CITY of Anchorage, and I HATE cities. Even if you don't post them, will you take ANC pics just for me of all those places? ANd there's always Eagle River Nature Center - a cool place for a hike. God I need to come "home" so bad...

gpc said...

My years of motherhood plus school are a blur in my memory, it was hard. But not as hard as algebra. I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

hang in there with the algebra - you can do it. math was the biggest hurdle for me in continuing my education late in life (42). Burning midnight oil and doing lots of homework, over and over until i got it right was the only way I could conquer it. It is like riding a bike - you just keep trying and one're breezing along. i promise.

Anonymous said...

I have faith in you. You have always conquered whatever obstacles that were placed in your path.
Love you