Friday, October 8, 2010



Well as you can see it is getting colder. There is ice starting to form on the Swan Lake boat lagoon. The main part of the lagoon isn't frozen yet.

Here is a photo that was taken on October 7th of 2008. It was much more frozen that year than it is this year.

Most people I talk to seem ready for it to just hurry up and freeze so we can all get busy at the business of winter. People are dusting off their snogos and are looking forward to riding them.
I know that Uyaana is excited because this will be the first year he gets to ride his own snogo when we go somewhere.

Photobucket Here is a photo of his 370 Arctic Cat. He had it last winter but I didn't let him drive it very much by himself. I figure that he is old enough to be able to drive his own as long as he is careful.



Anonymous said...

That's a fine looking snogo that you have. I look forward to seeing many pictures of you riding it on the wild expeditions that your Mother takes you on. :-)
Love you

Miz Liz said...

Can hardly wait for winter to hit!! and then comes our Alaska trip (Feb 11)
Looking forward to seeing pictures of Uyaana on his snogo :)