Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Party

Better late than never right? I finally got a few photos from Superbowl Sunday.

We had a nice little get together. Mostly people from church.

Lotsa food and lotsa kids.

So here are some photos of the food. This is my offering. Five Layer Taco Dip. I guess it's supposed to be seven layers, but whatever. Layer one is a mix of refried beans and hamburger with taco seasoning. Layer two is guacamole. Layer three is sour cream. Layer 4 is salsa and layer 5 is cheese. I garnished the top with some chopped olives and green onions.

This stuff was the YUMMIEST! All it was is a block of cream cheese with a sweet Tai chili sauce poured over it. Hoo boy that was good stuff.

Veggie Pizza.

This tastey stuff is frozen strawberries, aqpiks, (cloudberries), and blueberries mixed up with a tub of cool whip.

I think they call this stuff "Puppy Chow". It's Chex cereal, peanut butter and powdered sugar.

Do NOT get between the pregnant woman and her food!

We were pretty well evenly split, half rooting for the Colts and half for the Saints. I don't follow football so this was the first game I have seen all season. I was rooting for the Colts because if the Patriots aren't in the Superbowl I always root for whoever is the furthest north or east :)


Peruby said...

Mmmm! Looks good. You make your taco dip very similar to the way I do. We also had veggie pizza. I like my cream cheese with a hot pepper jelly and we dip crackers in that. I'll have to try the Tai chili sauce over it.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Cream cheese, cocktail sauce and tiny shrimp with wheat thins. MM Good! We do not follow football so we finished our laundry room remodel.

Anonymous said...

All that yummy food, and friends, and football! Lotsa fun for sure....I opted for HGTV and House Hunters, :)


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I love how so much activity there revolves around getting together with friends, and food. My kinda fun! Hope you had a good day.

gpc said...

This was the first football game I've sat through in my entire life. Having spent so much time in new orleans last year, I picked the winner. But your food looked better than the plain chips and salsa that I had!