Saturday, February 27, 2010



One of those stay inside Saturdays. It's too cold to play out, especially since I am still trying to get over this cough. There was supposed to be women's dog races this afternoon but I am pretty sure they were canceled due to the cold. If it is colder that -25F then they call off the races for safety sake. Yeah, it's gets colder in Alaska, but us coastal folks are spared most of it.

It's going to be pretty cold for the next few days. Tomorrow will probably be another indoor day. It's just as well I guess. I have a ton of homework. I have a 100 level psych class that has about 14 hours of course work a week. Not exactly sure why that is, but is a major pain in my rear to say the least.

So today I stayed in and cleaned, watched movies and did laundry.

I needed to get the laundry done because on Monday I am trading the subzero temps of the northwest arctic for the relative tropics of southeast Alaska. I'll be in Juneau from Monday thru Thursday. I'm not going to let their soggy forecast dampen my spirits. I'm hanging up my parka, putting on my rubber boots and heading south to warm up for a few days.


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Finnskimo said...

It's 38 below right now...needless to say, I'm not going out for anything!