Monday, October 15, 2007

More of the Same

I actually got 5 comments on my birthday. Wow. I was impressed. It was nice to see some evidence of the people who filter in and out of the blog. Don't get me wrong....I know your there. I see the hits on the site meter and wonder, New Zealand! Who the heck in New Zealand would be reading this??? I've gotten hits from all over.Texas, Utah, Illinois, NY, Japan and various assorted Canadian Provinces just to name a few. Rio De Janeiro??? Holy cow. I guess I just never thought I was all that interesting. I know it's the pictures. It's hard to take a bad picture of Alaska. One lady who stops by said that although I am charming and witty,

she doubts she would stop by as much if I was posting pics of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. gotta love honesty like that! This photo of Des Moines is for you, coffeedog. I can't take credit for the photography though because even though I think I have driven through Des Moines, I'm pretty sure I slept through it.

So for the sake of those of you who come here for the pictures and not because you feel obligated out of family duty, here is more of the same.

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It was a nice evening so I decided to take the dog out on the 4 wheeler so that she could run around out on the tundra.

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On our way out behind town we stopped by the lagoon to check out the people jigging for tomcods. I thought I would walk out to them and take their picture and a couple pictures of a tomcod for all of you who might not have any idea what kind of fish that is. You see those holes they are fishing in. As I was walking toward them I could see the water sloshing up and down in the hole. The ice was bouncing! Suddenly I remembered my rule about bouncy ice and decided that if you all wanted to know what a tomcod looked like you could look it up on google.

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It turned out to be another beautiful evening for a sunset. We took a ride up to cemetery hill which has the best view of town. I know it doesn't look much like a sunset but turn a bit to your left and....

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Wa-lah! The sun is starting to set.

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I took some pictures at the cemetery but this was the only one that was half decent. I sat and watched the sunset while Kaija ran around.....

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until it was time to go home


coffeedog said...

Beautiful pics. I really like the black and white one with the cross. But all of them evoke that sense of remoteness that is rural Alaska (is there anything but? Well, I guess if you live in Anchorage...)
I have some questions though, about your life, that maybe you could address on different blog days if you feel like sharing. I'm interested to know how you came to be an Alaskan when you started out in New Hampshire - that must be an interesting life journey. I'm interested to know what your son's school is like in Kotzebue - mixed grades, single grades, native speaking, etc. I'm a public school teacher, and I have a relative who teaches in an immersion school in Bethel, so I'm curious as to what your school is like. I'm also curious as to your job - I know from reading your previous blogs you travel some, and I see what you are taking for clasess, so I wonder what that adds up to as a profession for you. What you do, what it encompasses during each day, etc. And, last but not least at the moment, is wondering about your dog. How or why did you decide to get that particular KIND of dog - you obviously didn't just pick her up at the local pound. Did you choose that breed for a reason, and then look for a breeder, or what? Again, these are all just questions I have that you can post on, or ignore if you'd rather not. No big deal. (Just didn't want you to think I was ONLY stopping by for the pics!)

Angie said...

I'd be interested to know all the stuff coffeedog wants to know, too. (I know a few things already.)

I think that Kaija looks like she is smiling in that first pic of her on the four wheeler!

job5.18 said...

I realize that I am commenting a little late, but I just found your site yesterday! The pictures, I must say, drew me to the site, but I have enjoyed reading it as well. I am looking into moving to Alaska after I graduate nursing school (about 2 years from now), and a friend told me about Kotzebue. I have enjoyed everything I have researched so far! I am definately excited for the time to come!
I did have to comment on this particular post because, well, I live in Des Moines! When I first moved here, I moved downtown - about 2 blocks north of where this picture was taken! I will have to admit, seeing beauty downtown takes some imagination! Iowa itself can be extremely beautiful - I just have no idea how to use a camera well enough to show you!
Thanks for the pics and the info!