Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Error of My Ways


Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It has been 40 days since my last blog post. I have a hundred excuses and no excuses at the same time. It is what it is. I received a comment on a post the other day that said...

Anonymous said...

so is the blog officially dead?
September 9, 2011 12:01 AM

I have mixed feelings on this comment. Part of me sees it as a valid question, part of me is aggravated by it, and part of me is hurt by it. Over the years that I have done this blog I have put thousands of hours into it. Thousands of FREE hours...well free for my readers. It definitely wasn't free for me. I pay for time, gas, camera equipment, photo hosting etc.

I'm not sure that a lot of people, except other photo bloggers who post regularly and have a lot of readers, understand what that is like. I got to the point where I was stressed out if I did not post every day because I knew that hundreds of people came to this blog everyday to read a new post. I was probably spending roughly three hours a day doing something related to this blog...taking photos, editing photos, writing posts, etc. That's while also working eight or more hours a day, doing subsistence activities, parenting, housework, volunteering etc. That's A LOT of work. It's not surprising that I burnt out. I even burnt out on reading blogs.

Do I miss blogging? Sure, there are times when I miss posting every day...mostly because I loved reading comments and interacting with people who read the blog.

So is this blog officially dead? It ain't over til the fat lady sings and I don't hear any singing. When you come to this URL and you find nothing there then you will know it is dead. Until then it will move along at it's own varied pace, here and there, now and then, in fits and starts, as my time allows. That's all I can promise.



Anonymous said...

Well said!
Have we missed you? YES
Are we patient? trying to be ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have missed your entries. But I also understand that you have a family, a job, school, and trying to put up food so that you have something on the table. So, thank you for your postings. I understand that at times long breaks will happen, and I will simply keep looking for the next post, whenever things are not so busy for you. Thank you again for your postings.

Megan said...

I'm glad you're back.

Judy said...

Um! There is this little thing called 'following' and if you follow a blog when that person posts you get a notice that there is something that person felt the need to comment on. Truly ingenious! Just saying!

Cathy, I love when you post! I also understand life happens so when you do post Blogger will let me know. And thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I will continue to check in daily in hopes of seeing more wonderful photos and great commentary.

Jaco Kleynhans said...

Dear Cathy. I just love your blog. Since I came across your blog I've started reading about Alaska and enjoyed books like "Final Frontiersman", "Arctic Homestead" and
"Ordinary Wolves". You introduced me to a wonderful new word. Just for interest sake: I'm an Afrikaner living in South Africa. I've started to read more about Alaskan Native life and are not doing a study about native cultures in Alaska and Canada. As someone from a small minority group who tries to keep its culture and language alive I just love everything about Alaskan Native live. Thanks so much for the world you opened to me!

Claudia said...

Although I don't read anything on the computer regularly, I do like your blog. We now live in Kodiak but we used to live rurally in SW Ak and I miss it. Your photos are stunning and the topics are soothing - just real everyday sorts of things. Our state is so big and can be so disconnected - esp. for the Bush. Thanks for whatever & whenever you can post.

marge said...

Ah, glad to see another entry. I love your blog/pics and check every day. I took special interest in your blog some time ago about your trip to Homer. It was the impetus for my trip to Homer this past summer. I have no doubt there is a tremendous amount of work involved, but I shall take whatever you have the time to post - and enjoy it!

Ramona said...

Really have missed the blog updates, But I thoroughly understand a busy life, will keep checking back. Alaska intrigues me and love your little village life there. Don't give up, post when you can. love from Maine

Kathy said...

We hear you big time! It is another job to post a blog, let alone a daily blog with photos, too!
You needed a break, time to enjoy the summer and go on vacation!
We your loyal readers understand!
BTW, nothing wrong with your sunrise pictures, just glorious as always!
Thank you for sharing life above the Arctic Circle.
Kathy from

Anonymous said...

I missed you too,I read every morning from Florida.

Way Way Up said...

Regular reader with a busy family here in the oil patch of Northern Alberta so I can totally relate to your predicament. Enjoy reading your wonderful posts and seeing your great photography even if it isn't on a daily basis.