Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update :)


Yes, I am still here. Life has been pretty crazy this last month. I had a week of work travel and then a week of work catch up. And then my honey decided that it could be a great idea, after not racing for 20 years, to enter a snowmachine race. Turns out that wasn't such a good idea. He ended up crashing and breaking both his tibia and fibula and had to be medivaced to Anchorage for surgery. We were down there for a week. And NOW is the time for the Kobuk 440, which starts tomorrow.

I have been busy with the organization and logistics of that for the past 5 days. I will be following the race through all the villages on snowmachine so I will also be unable to get to the blog for through the weekend. So hand in there. I hope to start posting at least a couple times a week when things slow down a bit.



Anonymous said...

Hope "Honey" is fairing well. :-)

Gloria said...

Been wondering where you were! Hope the Honey is doing well Have fun with the upcoming race!

gramma2many said...

Hoping your Honey is mending nicely. I had Tricia fill me in on the details as best she could. Enjoy the coming Kobuk 440:)

Becky said...

Oy! You HAVE had a crazy time. Hope your honey recovers quickly!

Kathy said...

Boys will be boys, no matter what their real age is! I hope your hubby heals fast!
Good luck with the Kotzebue 440!!

Anonymous said...

Miss YOU!

No pressure, but I want to read about your trip to Bethel and the "Veranda of Death"!

Still miss you!!


Anonymous said...

Has someone stuck you on a chunk of ice and shoved you out to sea?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping noone stuck you on an ice flow and shoved you out to sea. :)
Looking forward to your next post.
Hope all is well with family.

Anonymous said...

Still nothing? We miss our favourite blogger.