Monday, June 28, 2010

Vote for Me!


A while ago I entered an Alaskan recipe contest at the Tundra Telegraph. The recipe had to have a story and photos to go along with it. I submitted my story on how to kill and cook an Alaskan King Crab. So be a good doobie, head on over to Tundra Telegraph and take a look. I don't think you have to register in order to vote. Tundra Telegraph is a great place to read stuff about bush Alaska. So go and check the recipes out. If you like mine vote for me by leaving a comment after my recipe entry.



Anonymous said...

I voted for you!! I Loved all the stories and pictures, but yours was the Best!!!! Hope you Win :)

cheryl said...

At first was going to vote for ya just because i enjoy your 'keeping it real' so much, but as it turned out -- quel surpise --your story was the best one, helping the squeamish navigate the less pleasant aspects of wrassling the critter into pot-sized bits, with dash of humor and 'voila' tasty dish. Good job!