Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stink Dogs

Last Monday I had an algebra exam on Monday. Today in class we got our test back and I got a 92%. I should have done better because one of them I had right I just accidentally dropped a digit when I copied it to the answer line. Good enough. We went on to the next chapter today and for once it wasn't so bad. I actually made it through the class without wanting to tear my hair out.

Today we had our first really cold day of the season. Sure, in a couple of months this kind of weather won't seem that cold, but right now it does. That north wind just blows right through you.

Kotzebue Sound is trying to freeze up but it has been to windy. The rivers are mostly frozen over as are the lagoon. People are already fishing for tomcod on the lagoon behind town. The channel in front of town hasn't frozen over yet because it is too windy. As soon as the wind dies down it should close up. Only 7 more months til breakup. :)

I had algebra right after work today and that lasted until 6:40pm. I got home around 6:50. I put the dogs in the back of the truck and took them out to the road behind town. I usually let them run about 4 or 5 miles. When we started to head home I told Uyaana to let the dogs jump into the cab of the truck for the rest of the ride and when they did the overwhelming stench of something terrible came in with them. The boogers had rolled in something during their run. The smell was so putrid and nasty that I couldn't even identify what it had came from...rotten meat, rotten seal...stink fish? It was too terrible to tell. I told those stink dogs they were spending the night in their dog house.

Of course about an hour later I started feeling sorry for them and gave them both baths and let them come in the house. Now they kinda smell like a Pantene Stink Fish Formula. Mmmm, good stuff. Maybe I should take out a patent.



JackDaddy said...

Don't forget the Pantene Stink Fish Conditioner! :)

Jenster said...

My dog and a neighbor's dog rolled in a dead cat once. Not just a dead cat, but a cat who had been ineptly buried by its owner and then dug up months later by the dogs. The smell is undescribably bad! I can just imagine the smell of Pantene on top of that!

I found your blog a few months ago and must tell you how much I love it. I live just north of Seattle and absolutely love Alaska. Your photos are beautiful and your postings are so descriptive. Thanks for giving me a taste of what it's like living in your town.