Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yesterdays photos were a bit more dramatic. Even though they suffered from the same low light issues as usual, yesterday's were more interesting because the sunrise/sunset was better.

Today the clouds dominated and only allowed a bit of color through at the horizon.


Kaija the Dog and Uyaana the Boy didn't care about the weather. They were having too much fun playing around in the snow.

Here's a fabulous self portrait. My hands were cold. My hands are always cold in this weather. I have the "wimpiest white girl hands ever". That's a direct quote from an eskimo friend years back. She was right.

It wasn't very windy today....about 12 miles per hour from the east.

Here is a picture looking back toward town. None of these pictures have been retouched. I do crop them, but I haven't done any processing on the color or exposure. I kind of feel that takes away the realness of the photo. These though they the real look of the light in the arctic this time of year.

For contrast, here is the same photo looking towards town....but this time I adjusted the color and exposure in photoshop elements. Big difference...this one looks like it was taken in broad daylight...something that doesn't exist here in December.


Becky said...

See, girl? That's what I'm talking about. THAT is interesting stuff...the bluish tone to the lighting that time of year in Alaska. I would never have known that if you'd not pointed that out. ;o) And I think you're exactly right in leaving them as 'true' to their original state as possible (save for cropping).

You both look warm and toasty in all your winter duds.

Anonymous said...

Hello...I just stumbled on your blog. I live in Fairbanks. I was actually looking up that horrible class Developmental Math 050 that I'm trying to complete by Jan 15th by some form of a miracle. I also DESPISE math. Did you do well in it? You have great pics on your blog.:-)

Cathy said...

Hahaha.....funny that you mention DEV-050...I was just thinking of that course today. I enrolled in August for this course as a year long I still have a lot of time to finish. I took it knowing that I would not even start working on it until january....I am dreading it.

The Right Blue said...

Well done, Cathy. Looks like you are giving the new D40 a good workout.

Happy New Year to you and Uyaana.