Friday, December 28, 2007

My apologies....

...for the lack of stimulating blog material lately. Really, it isn't my fault, I have plenty of things to blame it on (as you can see I am not just good at procrastinating...I am also very talented at passing the buck).

First of all, I blame it on global positioning. This time of year in the arctic is not a good one for least not the kind of photographs I like to take. The sun is so low in the sky that the the higher ISO makes the pictures noisy and fuzzy. Also, the time between sunrise and sunset are so short that my window of opportunity for photos, even sunrises and sunsets, is short.

I'm not much of a writer. Sure,I can come up with a pithy comment or two here and there, but I am not the type of person who can blog on and on about anything. I guess I just feel that besides photography, I'm really not all that interesting. I look at other people's blogs and I am always amazed when I see ones with a whole lot of writing and hardly even one measly picture. I can't imagine having so many words to share that I could fill up a whole blog day after day, after day, after day.

So now that I have run out of things to say, I am going to share some INDOOR Christmassy pics because, frankly, it's all I got. For those of you who haven't left already, you lucky people get to see pics of my handsome/smart/cute/funny son, Uyaana!

Here is Uyaana at the school gym before his Christmas concert.


Here he is talking on the Phone to his Grampa who lives in New Hampshire.

Hi Grampa.

So there are some indoor Christmas pics for you. I was going to post a video of Uyaana's Christmas concert, but my old HP camera ate it. Instead you all can watch this from last year (sorry it's sideways).....

...ssshhhhhh....don't tell him I put this on here.


Becky said...

On the contrary,'ve got plenty of very interesting stuff to talk about. Just interjecting little tidbits about your life in the arctic is fascinating to those of us in the lower 48. Carving out a life in the cold North is really something to talk about. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and your photos are outstanding!

God Bless You and your son in the New year!

Anonymous said...

HI Cathy,

Your Dad told me about your blog awhile ago. He and Joanne are friends of ours--we also have a powered parachute. Every once in awhile I "pop" in to your blog to see what is real at 66 degrees north latitude and am fascinated every time. Just now I checked out your 2 year blogiversary--congrats! Your son singing the Santa Christmas song was so precious. Kind of cool to be looking at Christmas pics in June. I can see why Gus is so proud of both of you. I love your photography and commentary. When it's freezing here in the winter in NH, I just check your site and temp and then don't feel as cold. I love your enthusiasm for where you live. It was interesting and incredible when you told of your plane trip to Walmart for supplies some time ago. We take for granted plenty of shopping 20 minutes away. I like your joy of life and your honesty. Just wanted you to know that you have a "friend" in NH that you didn't even know about. Looking forward to your summer blogs. =) Carol