Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poor Doggy

Yesterday Kaija got spayed. A special thanks to Dr. Phil Meyer of Wasilla Veterinary Clinic in Wasilla, Alaska. He comes to Kotzebue 4 times a year to provide us with quality health care for our pets. Without him we would have to send our pets out to Anchorage or Nome for spay and neuter surgery. He said that Kaija came through with flyying colors........

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....but try tell that to Kaija. She doesn't look like she is feeling too colorful. We brought her home around 6pm yesterday and she was truly pathetic for the next 16 hours.

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Doesn't she look pathetic?? Poor baby. at about noon today she brightened up a bit and ate a little bit of watery canned food and then went back in her kennel to hide. I truly feel sorry for her but I know that spaying her was the right decision for her health and safety.

Today the Boys and Girls club of Kotzebue is sponsoring a carnival at the elementary school. Kids games and food all for free. Uyaana is lookung forward to going. Maybe I will take my camera.

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