Sunday, September 16, 2007


As some of you already know I am taking some college courses this semester. 12 credits to be exact. Yeah, that's a lot to take in one semester while working full time during the day and being a mom and what not. I decided to pursue an Associates in Science in Disability Services. It is a program offered through Prince William Sound Community College's distance Education Program. I can basically do the whole degree without stepping into a classroom. PWSCC is part of the University of Alaska system so I can mix and match required degree courses offered by any of the state system college such as Chukchi College, University of Alaska Fairbanks, PWSCC or University of Alaska Anchorage and PWCC will accept the credits and give me the degree.

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So now I am constantly lugging around this backpack full of books. I figure that in my spare time here and there I will hit the books. I think I need to get a bit more disciplined about that.

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Here's the books for three of the four courses that I am taking. The first is Native Cultures of Alaska. It is a paper based course. It's basically a course in a box. You get a box of books and a syllabus and you are on your own. I am also taking Managing Behaviors and Intro to the Special education system. The SpEd class doesn't start until the end of this month so I don't have the books yet. And finally we have......the horror of my existance......DEVM-050.....aka IdiotMath-050.

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Witness my nightmare. I am traumatized just looking at it. I have spent my entire life avoiding as much math as I possibly can. In high school I took the lowest possible math classes just so I could graduate. I don't know if I can adequately express in words how much I DESPISE math. In order to get this degree I have to be able to pass DEVM-105, Intermediate Algebra. INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA!!!!!! Just the words make my flesh crawl. I don't even know how to multiply FRACTIONS! I have to take probably two remedial math classes just to pass the required one. Good greif. So anyway, this is a year long course. I have exactly one year to finish it and truth be told I have only opened the book long enough to hyperventilate and then slam it shut. Just taking that picture made me sweat. Lots of luck. Well, I'm off to spend the next 8 hours or so doing homework. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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