Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are some photos from around town. This time of year isn't that great for taking photos. mThe light is not very good. Add an overcast sky to the mix and the photos are pretty blaaaah.

Here is a shot of our new and improved Shore Ave (Front St).

Of course the seawall serves a purpose but I will always miss the old view.




Gloria Hood said...

Looks very, very cold!!

Anonymous said...

Road looks very modern. Street lights even. Wow, moving up in the world. Will the seawall keep the ice away from the houses? Glad to hear from you. Stay warm.

Mary said...

It’s good to have you back, you were missed. I hope you and your family are okay. Front St. sure looks different than it did 30 some years ago. Can’t say which one is better; I guess I would have to visit again to get the full effect of the current view.

Jaco Kleynhans said...

Great to see a new post. Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

The pictures have a ghostly charm.

lily said...

beautiful pics! thank you for sharing them with us!

Cathy said...

Where the seawall is located didn't usually have problems with the ice reaching the houses...but it will keep the water from eating the land away and washing away the road.