Friday, August 24, 2007


I brought my camera with me while I took Kaija for her nightly run. I figured I would take some pictures of the beautiful sunset. The problem is that it was about the 10th beautiful sunset we have had in a row (not that I am complaining) so the pictures I was taking were looking like all the others I have already taken. Then it occured to me that maybe I needed to change my subject matter. I am always taking pictures of sunsets and water and mountains and flowers.....all things cute and pretty. I figured, heck, why not take some pictures of...........

JUNK! Sure, why not. It's not like it's your average run of the mill junk. It's ARCTIC JUNK! We have all kinds of junk in the arctic. Things cost so much to get up here that when your done with, well......sticks around. I mean what exactly are you supposed to do with a big junked up plane?

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This beauty has seen better days. It has been sitting here for as long as I can remember. And it will probably be sitting there at the return of Christ.

Then there's the big spooky barge.....

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This thing is U-G-L-Y and has probably been sitting right where it is on the beach by the old dump for at leat 30 years. I think it is a secret government experiment to see exactly how long it take 20 tons of steel to turn to dust.

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This here fella is a new edition to the Junk Collection. This thing showed up on the side of the Base road a few weeks ago. It hasn't moved since. It could be temporary junk, but you never know around here.

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I thought I would end the Junk Collection with this...even though it's not junk. This is just ewww.

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